TWD Fibres increased again investments in production & development

A high acceptance level and the continuously high demand for DIOLEN® Polyester and TIMBRELLE® PA 6.6 yarns are the basis for further investments in different production areas of TWD Fibres. Major investments for quality assurance and runtime improvement measures had been done by establishing a new spinneret studio affiliated to the spinning mill.
In production stages twisting and package dyeing additional financial resources will effect capacity increase and improvements in delivery times. These measurements are supported by additional funds for internal logistics. A new, software-based process for streamlined storage location management additionally leads to more flexibility in costumer request management.
Also the research and development division in both product lines, Polyester and Polyamide 6.6, was extended again. As a first result the DIOLEN®HYPOALLERGENIC Polyester yarns are made for above average sensitive people that suffer from high allergy tendency.
Especially for costumers in technical textiles branch DIOLEN®SUPERCLEAN yarns had been launched. These yarns are designed for use in textile non-crimp fabrics.
In Polyamide 6.6 TIMBRELLE®THERMO, a new hollow fibre made by TWD Fibres, for use in clothing textiles and TIMBRELLE®EDY, flat yarn on bobbins instead of cops, for hosiery are gaining more and more public interest. Further new product lines and specialties are already in pipeline and should be launched in near future.

September 6th, 2016