Restriction of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)

Water-repellent finishes are used in many different textiles and it is hard to imagine daily life without them today. No matter whether it is outdoor furniture, the awning on the patio, hiking outfits, work clothes or technical textiles - fluorine-based hydrophobisation often achieves the desired water- and dirt-repellent effect.
However, as early as 2013, PFOA, its salts and precursors were ranked by the European Commission as being substances of very high concern. A tenacious struggle ensued, but was not able to prevent the edict that from July 2020 onwards it would no longer be permissible to put PFOAs into circulation in concentrations of 25ppm or higher.

While numerous companies in the textile industry are now apparently only just begin to search for PFC-free alternatives, we at TWD Fibres are already one decisive step further. With the optional yarn finish “Green FC Free”, we offer a fluorine-free hydrophobisation for all DIOLEN® polyester and TIMBRELLE® PA 6.6 yarns.

You will find further details on effect and permanence at this link.

FC Free Hydrophobic