Health days at TWD Fibres

It is an extremely important concern to the TWD Fibres that our employees are healthy, productive and content.

With the health days on Tuesday, October 17 and Wednesday, October 18, we proofed how significant the health of our employees is for us. As a partner, the AOK Gesundheitsklasse supported us. In addition to an exhibition on the topic of sugar, our employees had the opportunity to get further information on various lectures and in personal consultations. The lectures were adapted to the different needs of the employees in the administration and the employees in the production, who work in shifts. Various measurements such as blood pressure and body fat were also on the agenda. On Wednesday, the employees were even able to find out their values directly at their workplace, as the team of the AOK came directly into the production halls with a mobile cart.

Since 2011, TWD Fibers GmbH has been certified according to the “Gesund im Betrieb (Healthy Company)" program of AOK Bayern.

TWD Fibres AOK health days

From left to right: Monika Rengsberger (Ernährungsberaterin, AOK), Christoph Turri ( EDV, TWD Fibres), Gebhard Biermeier (AOK), Jürgen Beck (Direktor des Verwaltungsbereichs Deggendorf, AOK), Jörg Henzen (Kaufm. Leitung, TWD Fibres), Christa Katzdobler (Ernährungsberaterin , AOK), Stefan Thoma (Bereichsleiter Personal, TWD Fibres), Christian Dallinger (AOK), Bettina Duschl (Finanzbuchhaltung, TWD Fibres)


Stefan Thoma
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Der beste Start ins Berufsleben ist eine qualifizierte Ausbildung mit dem entsprechenden Praxisbezug. Die TWD Fibres GmbH bietet jungen Menschen mit Schulabschluss je nach Begabung und Interesse sieben unterschiedliche Ausbildungsprofile an.

Ausbildungsangebot 2018

Schüler und Studenten

Wir bieten engagierten Studenten verschiedenster Fachrichtungen die Möglichkeit, ein modern strukturiertes und international tätiges Unternehmen praxisnah kennenzulernen.