Polyester (PES) yarns under the DIOLEN® trademark are available from dtex 50 to 334 with up to 288 filaments – plyed, air-jet or friction textured, crinkle textured or upon request also twisted. We operate one of the largest dye houses in Europe.

Our yarns are not only available in various yarn counts, but equipped with different functional features according to the application field, Those functional features may also be called up in combination. We produce in raw white, package or dope-dyed..


  • Extremely tear-resistant, flexible and abrasion-resistant
  • High light fastness
  • Extended lifespan, resistant to organic and mineral acids
  • Easy care


Because of malecular reorganization, hydro-fixed DIOLEN®SUPERCLEAN Polyester yarns with their improved dimension- and low shrinkage stability, are applied in multiaxial fabrics. They are suitable as sewing thread in non-crimp fabrics (NCF) out of carbon and glass fibre to improve adhesion and dimension stability.

  • Minimum oil level minimizes risks
  • Virtually no crimp
  • Superior quality in NCF

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Silver ions permanently embedded in the polymer provide lasting protection against the development of bacteria, allergens and germs. The effect is antiseptic and supports the healing process. Textiles made from DIOLEN®HYGENIC (polyester) yarns are machine-washable and lastingly effective. They are extremely kind on the skin and free of heavy metals and halogens.

  • Antimicrobial
  • Odour neutralising
  • Antiseptic

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Air-jet textured (PES) DIOLEN® filament yarns combine the natural look and the haptic of a spun yarn with the positive properties of synthetic yarns such as fast drying, a high degree of regularity, strength and resistance to wear. Anything is possible, from flat to bulk and wool look, depending on the application.

  • Natural look and feel
  • Hard wearing
  • Easy care
  • Quick drying

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DIOLEN®UV-RESISTANT is a UV-stabilised polyester filament yarn that has very good dyeing properties and is easy to process. A stabiliser embedded in the polymer during production of the yarn protects the fabrics against UV rays and increases their lifespan. Fabrics made of (PES) DIOLEN®UV-RESISTANT yarns are ideal for outdoor applications.

  • Stabiliser permanently embedded in the polyester
  • Does not wash out
  • Extended lifespan

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Textile products made of (PES) DIOLEN® microfibre yarns are characterised by their soft handle, graceful drape and lightness. This is why they are often used for highquality lingerie in the circular knitting and seamless segment. Those yarns are also ideal for sportswear and outdoor clothing.

  • Soft and pleasant on the skin
  • Breathable
  • High moisture absorption
  • Good moisture management
  • Quick drying
  • Easy care

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The PBT multifilament yarn DIOLEN®FLEX combines the positive properties of polyester with an above-average elasticity and is available as air-jet or friction textured yarn according to the requirements of the application. Flex offers a comfortable stretch effect without using elastane. The spun dyed and air-jet texured quality is frequently used in the automotive production due to the easy drapability on three-dimensional parts.

  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent elastic properties
  • High colour fastness and colour brilliance
  • Easy care


DIOLEN®HYPOALLERGENIC is an antimony-free polyester filament yarn, available as air-jet or friction textured and multi or microfilament yarn. It can be processed as 100 % polyester blend or in combination with natural fibres and is certified according to Ökotex standard 100. Its skin-friendly qualities make (PES) DIOLEN®HYPOALLERGENIC appropriate for allergic people. It is frequently used in clothing and sleeping systems.

  • High colour fastness and colour brilliance
  • Easy care, machine washable 40 C, non-iron.
  • High abrasion resistance

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DIOLEN®ReCIRCLE Polyester yarns are a 100% out of recycled PET and available in raw white, package dyed and solution dyed. Processing properties of this yarns are similar to our standard DIOLEN® Polyester yarns. DIOLEN®ReCIRCLE preserves our natural resources and reduces environmental impact without compromising quality.

  • Properties same like normal Polyester
  • Durable
  • Easy care

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Yarns out of METALLIC EDITION ensure textiles with a good portion Bling Bling - dazzling performances that will be remembered! TWD Fibres‘ new Metallic Edition covers gold, silver and platinum up to copper.

  • Spectacular metallic effect
  • Free of heavy metals and halogens
  • Certified according OekoTex Standard 100, product class I (baby article)

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Setting special colour pigments in the yarn provides better permanence and improved fastness properties. Manufacturing via dope dyeing pollutes the environment less than dyeing the yarn or article subsequently.

  • Ecologically harmless
  • Fluorescent red & fluorescent yellow meet the standard DIN EN ISO 20741:2013-09 (highly visible signal colours)
  • Neon green meets the standard DIN EN 1150:1999-02 (non-professional use)

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  • Excellent Stability
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High light fastness and UV-stability
  • Simple stain removal

more about (PES) DIOLEN® SAFE

Small footprint - Big impact
The (PES) DIOLEN®SAFE brand of FR Safety Yarns stands for permanent inherent flame retardant FR polyester yarns, that meet all established international fire regulation standards.
(PES) DIOLEN®SAFE is committed to ecological efficiency principles: production processes are continuously optimised to preserve resources and the environment. On request (PES) DIOLEN®SAFE customers have access to a quality statement for the Cradle-to-Cradle® certification issued by EPEA Int. Umweltforschung GmbH.
(PES) DIOLEN®SAFE is available as air-jet or friction textured filament yarn, as staple fibre yarn or effect yarns, in raw white, dope or package dyed in numerous yarn counts and qualities.

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